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The benefits of ColdPressed Groundnut Oil

- No temperature rise while crushing hence all the nutrients are intact

- No bleaching while producing Oil 

- Contains high fibre as this is not triple refined but only single filtered.

- Easy to absorb in the body and does not stick inside the intestines as it has a high fibre content

- Contains lots of essential fatty acids like omega-6. Well suited for cooking. 

- High amounts of plant sterols which reduces the risk of heart disease.

- Rich in monosaturated fatty acids - Rich in antioxidants

- Groundnut oil is rich in folate, which boost fertility.

- Consuming groundnut oil helps in hair growth and moisturizes the hair.

Cold First Pressed Groundnut Oil

  • 1) What is cold first press ?
    The oil is extracted naturally by crushing oilseeds at room temperature. There is no extra heat or chemicals required, which makes it the highest quality of oil. Also, the acid value is low, so this oil is obtained after precipitation and filteration.

    2) How this oil is different from currently available in market ?
    Oils currently available in market are usually extracted by using solvent ( n-hexane) which leads to high content of oil extracted. Solvents have long term effect on human body. Our mode of oil extraction does not use any kind of solvent hence making it the purest and chemical free product.

    3) Why our oil is more expensive than other oils available in market ?
    As we do not use any solvents and additives to extract oil, the content of oil extract is low. Our final extracted oil is in purest form and chemical free which maintains the natural form and taste of the oil.

    4) Why is color of my oil is lighter than what i purchased before ?
    Color of oil mainly depends on the color of the seed used during crushing. Light or dark color has no effects on the purity of our oil. As in cold press technique no heating of oil is done or solvents are added hence a slight variation of color may be seen.

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