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The Faces of Naturez Best

The energetic and committed team at Naturez Best care about good food and good service. We’re always happy to talk about food, hard-to-find ingredients or our latest recipes. Stop in to meet us in person.


Richa Gupta. Ph.D.

Consultant and Director


" It all started in 2016 when i tried to find quality food for my grandparents, but good quality, unadulterated food was difficult to find at that time. This quest for finding the best for my family inspired me to make a difference in other people lives. Now when people get back to me and tell me about their improvements in their health and lifestyle, it truly gives me immense satisfaction and inspiration to continue my work with Naturez Best".  

" Good quality food with exercise is the key for longer and healthier life. Many chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension , hypothyroidism, chronic kidney disease etc can easily be controlled with the help of good and balanced diet. We at Naturez Best help people to achieve good health with the best quality and unadulterated food"   

Dr. Bhupesh Kumar Gupta      (MD Medicine)

Diabetes Reversal specialist


" Balanced diet plays the most important role in all the people's life. Current lifestyle of high dietary carbohydrate intake can lead to hormonal imbalances. Protein diet is crucial whether it is for a growing child or baby's growth during pregnancy. Naturez Best is our way to help people." 

Dr. Pratibha Gupta (MBBS)


Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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