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Diabetes is also being renamed as HCLD (High Carbohydrate Load Disease) due to high carbohydrate content in our diet. There are 3 macromolecules in our diet - Carbohydrates, proteins & fats. All the three macromolecules are important in particular quantities but due to camouflaged junk in the market, we are eating excess of carbohydrates and very less protein. As found in research and in accordance with ADA (American Diabetes Association) & IDF (International Diabetes Federation), we have customized this specialized flour - LOW CARB EARTHY FLOUR.

Presenting you the recipe of very easy, delicious & nutritious rotis.


Naturez Best Low carb Earthy Flour - 1Cup

Water - Slightly more than 1/2 cup

Oil/Ghee - 1/2 teaspoon


  • Take 1 cup Low carb atta in a large bowl. You can add little oil if you like here,

  • Start adding water, little by little.

  • As you add water, mix with your hands and bring the dough together. Usually around slightly more than 1/2 cup water is needed here. You may need more or less water depending on the softness of flour.

  • Once the dough comes together, start kneading the dough. Knead with the knuckles of your finger, applying pressure.

  • Fold the dough using your palms and knead again applying pressure with your knuckles.

  • Keep kneading until the dough feels soft and pliable. If it feels hard/tight, add little water and knead again. If it feels too sticky/soft, add some dry flour and mix.

  • Once done, the dough should be smooth. Press the dough with your fingers, it should leave an impression.

  • Cover the dough with a damp cloth or paper towel for 10 to 15 minutes.

  • After the dough has rested, give it a quick knead again.

  • Divide the dough into equal parts, each weighing around 30-35 grams.

  • Start working with one ball, while keep the remaining dough balls covered with a damp cloth so that they don’t dry out. Take one of the balls and press it between your fingers to make it smooth.

  • Then roll it between your palms to make it round and smooth. There should be no cracks.

  • Press the round dough ball and flatten it slightly.

  • Now take around 1/4 cup atta in a plate for dusting the roti while rolling it. Dip the prepared dough ball into the dry flour and dust it from all sides.

  • Then start rolling the roti, using a rolling board and rolling pin. Roll it thin until you have a 5 to 6 inch diameter circular roti.

  • Heat the tawa (skillet) on medium-high heat. Make sure the tawa is hot enough before you place the roti on the tawa.

  • Finally cook the roti, put some ghee on to it and serve hot.


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